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Reflections on Pope Benedict’s 2013 World Day of Peace message

In his Jan. 1 World Day of Peace message titled “Blessed are the Peacemakers,” Pope Benedict XVI immediately laid out for us the foundation upon which the church’s ministry for world peace must be built.

Using a challenging proclamation from the Second Vatican Council, the pope teaches that Christians must be committed “to sharing humanity’s joys and hopes, grief and anguish.”

The Holy Father is reminding us that God’s peace is much more than the absence of war — it is the universal experience of justice and love.

We not permitted to sit on the comfortable sidelines of life, safely viewing from afar humanity’s problems. Rather, we must put ourselves into the muck and mire of this world.

The pope writes, “Peace is an order enlivened and integrated by love, in such a way that we feel the needs of others as our own, share our goods with others and work throughout the world for greater communion in spiritual values.”

Pope Benedict’s message wastes no time in confronting the personal and structural evils of greed, inequality and violence… 

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